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Old Comments:

2009-08-18 15:50:23
Oh yeah, I sure agree and know all that you say, and have seen enough of the "bad" people and their acitons to know they are out there and I probably will never understand all of them. It's the small minded people that sometimes get my goat. They think that as they are, they are insignificant and then if fighting what they perceive as the 'injustice' of it all, marginalize their existence even more by lashing out at strangers from behind their masks! So very sad really. But thanks for your comments and insight. Oh wow, I realized that I just philosophied! I better have a lie dowwn ;)
2009-08-18 00:45:16
Duane: Laugh all you want (and that's the only way to deal with it), but downvoting is part of life @ Pixdaus. ;-) - Partly, you're downvoted because you have expressed support for the unwarranted attacks on poppy. The only way to NOT attract attention is to sit on a fence. You don't do that, and for that I greatly admire you. There's no perfect world. In any community, there are good people, bad people, criminals, whatever, ... the same in Pixdaus. But what perplexes me the most in this particular anonymous world is the way most people have honed fence-sitting to an art. ;-)
2009-08-17 07:11:49
Sometimes you have to laugh....when I loaded this pic and then scrolled down the page.....every single picture had obtained a vote of minus 1 in less than a minute all went from 0 to that...... oops forgot the laugh Bwaaahahahahahaha. and snicker