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Old Comments:

2008-06-08 14:58:46
Bermondsey Strike 16th May 1911: British suffragette Charlotte Despard (1844 - 1939) (wearing a white waistcoat) heads a march of the National Federation of Women Workers through Bermondsey in South London. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images) Google Image Search: "National Federation of Women Workers"
2008-06-03 02:40:52
who would bother?
2008-06-03 02:05:58
No, its a genuine old photo all right. Look at the people standing and sitting on the pavement on the left. They are wearing the old style of clothes and hats.
2008-06-01 07:04:08
Yeah, no graininess or signs of an old photo...maybe it's from some modern re-enactment of a march and then turned black and white.
2008-06-01 07:00:25
looks like cut and pasted, doesn't it? but good photo