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Old Comments:

2010-12-27 08:32:57
Many thanks Connie for filling me in on what I said about that. My breakup doesn't affect me Christmas wise, but it does affect me with other issues. I think it's the main reason why I developed depression in the first place. It's other reasons why Christmas isn't to my liking. I'm not much on New Year's either. This is the time of year that my depression is worse. We're to get our first real hot days too by the end of this week. Still, even though I'm not looking forward to those hot days coming, I can't complain. This summer has been a cool one so far. I'm really glad that you had a great Christmas, Connie. Thanks again... :)
2010-12-27 07:25:32
I think it was in reference to your marriage. Christmas can be a very difficult time for many people for many different reasons. It's mainly that it brings unhappy memories, too much spending, family issues etc. Christmas did go well for me because I don't overdo anything. The time spent with my family and friends before Christmas is the best part ;-)
2010-12-27 05:38:29
Hi Connie, If I said that, then you have a better memory than I have. Do you remember what I said about that ? I spent Christmas with my parents. You are still correct that Christmas is a difficult time for me but for different reasons than you might think, which I'd rather not go into if that's ok with you, Connie. I'm not very fond of Christmas and I'm always glad when this time of the year has finished. Hope everything went well for you, Connie.... :-)
2010-12-27 03:50:15
Hi Mary I hope Christmas was ok for you this year? I remember you writing that this time of the year could be difficult for you.
2010-12-26 16:07:56
Link to Flickr page....