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Old Comments:

2009-01-05 06:05:26
Hard to know who's who any longer. Nutsville, Laughing Academy, Bughouse, Funny Farm... we're all in it but a good thing is: the doors are not locked. ;-)
2009-01-05 05:18:00
The loonie bin is getting fuller and fuller;-)
2009-01-05 05:03:36
It's a Troll, patito! Click on the name and you'll see! Cheers!
2009-01-04 22:30:36
Hey, OK, calm down there, use gettin' your panties all in a wad..of course there's cheatin' and lyin' and thievin' and prevaricatin' and mendacity all over the place..the whole world is crooked as a dog's hind leg, and full of goddamn fools to boot..but if you keep lettin' it get you all steamed up you're gonna have a stroke or a conniption fit or the kids say, chill out, dude..