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Old Comments:

2010-11-08 22:45:12
"Holidays" is none other than our old friend, Explode, the most obnoxious and disgusting shit-eating troll that ever darkened the door of this or any other website. We've really missed, you, Explode. Kind of like we'd miss an abscessed tooth or a bad case of scabies. Go diddle your goat.
2010-11-08 22:23:55
ONLY Only the best pictures of poppy Pictures poppy No1 your vote is what i really adore
2010-11-08 21:39:59
see? the trolls have the cheating votes. endless, fast. they live here, poor creatures that they are.
2010-11-08 21:37:25
Sorry, Tranparent, but the Catholic Church missed its last best shot at me in 1588. And let me suggest that if want to employ English language idioms in order to make yourself sound clever or profund that you find out what they actually mean and how they are properly used.
2010-11-08 21:00:29
i am a reasonably sane individual and not in the least bit dingbatty, and the only conclusion i was able to draw from the comments is that the trolls have ample cheating votes and those they accuse have not. the trolls have an endless capacity for crapping on nice pics, yet most people have nothing to say about it. i jump in now and then and the trolls' payback is to downvote my pics but so what? i am here to see the best pics on the net and i can see them just fine, trolls or no trolls. but if those of us who'd like to have a peaceful time at pixdaus would all band together against the trolls, perhaps they'd start using their toilets for their crapping sessions instead of coming here to do it.
2010-11-08 19:01:43
Give me a break would you?...What's this crap you're doing? You don't have anything else to do ? Let's say you're what? there are more important problems in the world than this...and you're worrying about some's the last thing you should care.. You're life is so great and pink and sweet that your only problem are the votes on pixdaus??? Make us a favor and grow up little boy....just GROW UP AT ONCE!!
2010-11-08 16:28:58
"patito"He`s more catholic than the pope -------get on one`s high horse-----
2010-11-08 16:21:42
Justice search tells the truth They have a mafia gang +4 +4 +4 +4 +4 "WitchGirl" Open your eyes
2010-11-08 01:48:31
Justice Search is a troll, pure and simple, with emphasis on the simple.
2010-11-08 00:45:49
too bad that stupidity isn't would be screaming like hell right now...instead of talking nonsense in here...
2010-11-07 23:13:58
I will talk nonsense whenever I choose, and as much as I wish to, and in whatever context or venue I so desire, and there is nothing you can do to prevent me from doing so. And if you don't like it you can kiss my rusty red butt ! Have a nice day : )
2010-11-07 21:16:33
stop talking nonsense (patito)
2010-11-07 21:08:01
Dear Friend, (WitchGirl) is the biggest liar of this site
2010-11-07 00:09:03
Well, I guess the jig is up...these bright , clever and observant people like You Are Dishnest are just way too smart for me to keep fooling, so it's time for me to admit the truth, that yes, I am Witch Girl, and I'm also Poppy, and Skip, and of course Peasant and Connie. Not only that but I'm also Picture Girl, Coy, Happy Jack, and Fuzzy Blue One. In addition I am also the Unibomber ( Ted Kazinski was just a fall guy ), Osama Bin Laden, the Unknown Comic,and Batman . I used to be the Lone Ranger but I'm not anymore. Gave that up because the expense of boarding Silver just got too high. you know the truth. And let me add that the entire Pixdaus community shall be forever in your debt, You Are Dishonest, for exposing and unmasking this long-standing and perfidious deception in which I have been engaged. I can only hope that someday you and the other visitors here can find it in your hearts to forgive me.
2010-11-06 22:22:32
open your eyes and look at all the deleted and downvoted comments in the last minutes! and you tell ME that I am a crazy person??? and you tell us that TROLLS are the "wrong-doers"?? WHERE IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND THE TROLLS???? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!! THERE IS NONE!!!
2010-11-06 22:17:25
really..all this things here only prove that you are a crazy person..and nothing else.. go make your monthly check!
2010-11-06 22:14:14
you are not better than any troll. this example alone proves it!
2010-11-06 22:10:41
what more proof do people need that witchgirl and patito are one and the same person: +4 up- and -4 downvotings. deletings of uncomfortable comments. thank your for your cooperation, patito!
2010-11-06 22:10:17
2010-11-06 22:08:05
you're kind of lunatic in your way...
2010-11-06 22:06:56
you're kinda funny in your way...
2010-11-06 22:05:15
yes, where is the cheating power... the +4 upvote by patito. there it is!
2010-11-06 22:04:56
Here we go again...keep saying this if this makes you sleep well at night...
2010-11-06 22:02:25
...and you vote your comments up again with your cheating power and your friend patito vote his pictures up with his +20 cheating power... so, where is the difference between you and the trolls??? PLEASE TELL US, instead of deleting uncomfortable comments if you have no answer!
2010-11-06 22:00:58
you are blind witchgirl aka. patito. where is the cheating power when uncomfortable comments were suddenly deleted?
2010-11-06 21:58:46
Are you blind..or just stupid?...all comments here have "-" where is the cheating power...?
2010-11-06 21:58:08
Are you blind..or just stupid?...all coments here have "-" where is the cheating power...?
2010-11-06 02:10:12
i'm sorry to hear this...:( it's kinda see that there are people who don;t have nothing to do and they entertain themselves with stupid games like this... Thank you for your kind words ..i am fine..:).I have considered to post again..but seeing all this ...i think it's better not to waste my energy..This guys are destroying the pleasure of posting and seeing a good photo... Glad we talked...:) have a nice day...:)
2010-11-06 01:53:16
The trolls have inexhaustible voting power - what more proof do people need that they are the wrong-doers and not the ones they accuse?
2010-11-06 01:52:00
Thanks, WG! ;-)
2010-11-06 01:47:55
Hello WitchGirl! - A hacker (or hackers) got into my picture file on 24-25 Oct and deleted 2384 photos. Some days before that, they deleted about 1300 pics. All in all, I have lost about 5,500 pics in various attacks. - I am not able to restore many more of the lost pics, but from now on I will make a note of the URLs (from the originating site) of every picture I post so I will be able to restore them if further attacks occur. How are you, WitchGirl? I hope all's well with you and that you'll return to us soon... we all like your pics. You take care, too. Warm greetings, poppy.
2010-11-06 01:34:35
p.s. : this is a very nice photo :P :)
2010-11-06 01:33:58
Hi, Poppy! How are you?...Sorry for asking but what happened with your photos? why are you restoring them now? kind regards, take care:)