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Old Comments:

2010-10-28 09:14:50
Why don't YOU think before making asinine accusations when you have no idea what you're talking about, you stupid non-contributing moron !
2010-10-28 08:44:57
Today from -2 to +18 with one click! Think before writing stupid comments!
2010-10-28 08:39:34
Oh, yeah, way a terrible pic like this could POSSIBLY have 28 honest votes, is there? I mean, look at the thing....just a miserable example of photographic ineptitude. Gosh, we're so lucky we have sharp-eyed persons like you, PC, to be the police around here...or maybe vigilante would be a better term...or maybe Gestapo would be even better.
2010-10-28 08:17:41
This picture was up-cheated today with +20 to make it popular!!!