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Old Comments:

2011-10-24 01:32:17
Thankyou FTS. You are very kind. I wish the same back to you... :)
2011-10-24 00:19:45
Take care of your self and have a nice life :)
2011-10-23 23:59:56
That's ok, FTS. It's my fault that I didn't understand you. I apologize for reposting. Thankyou for understanding. Hope you are having a great day/night. Take care... :)
2011-10-23 19:41:01
Yes i already posted this but i`m really happy that you reposted my pic and didn`t want you to feel sorry about it.I`m sorry if i missed the expression about it :(
2011-10-23 02:42:28
I beg your pardon FTS. I mistook what you meant earlier. I apologize. So you mean, that you have already posted this photo on a previous occasion ? If so, then I apologize to you. I did not know that you had already posted this. Thankyou for letting me know... :)
2011-10-23 02:27:22
No i`m really happy that my pic reposted by you and maybe i`ll never accept any one to repost any of my posts but for you there`s an exception and i`m proud you like it ;)
2011-10-22 02:43:51
Thankyou FTS. I doubt though that others would agree about and appreciate another repost.... :(
2011-10-22 02:20:56
This beautiful pic deserves to be reposted again.It`s really great one
2011-10-20 13:50:14
Many thanks, Halex. And I am enjoying your posts very much.... :)
2011-10-20 13:39:43
your tiger is lovely in lovely shot,fantastic!.thanks,.