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Old Comments:

2011-08-26 06:03:46
HI I am looking for a picture of a Quetzal to use in my Childrens book which is an affirmation ABC. Can I use this picture. I would of course give you a credit if it ever gets printed. You can contact me via my blog which is
2010-10-19 09:36:17
You are very welcome, Big Bird. That's interesting about the tree. I'll do some searching for it and see what I come up with. Many thanks... :)
2010-10-19 08:43:18
Thank you PictureGirl. I am pretty certain that the tree is one of the 'wild avocado' growing in Costa Rica.
2010-10-18 15:37:23
Beautiful photo, Big Bird. Again, that tail is beautiful. I wonder what kind of tree that is also ?