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Old Comments:

2010-11-05 13:20:05
A stolen photo? I don't think so! The photo was taken by Annie Katz, whom I credited as the photographer, so her identity and credit was in no way taken, and I received no renumeration in anyway whatsoever. What I did was to take a photograph, that was available to me on the internet, and pass it along on Pixdaus. Ms. Katz submitted the photo to the NANPA showcase, from whence I got the photograph, and in so doing she not only agreed to the NANPA terms, that restricted her non-commercial copyrights, but she also showed a desire to give here photograph more exposure. Even though I could argue my rights in any courthouse in the world and, in my opinion, win. I would very happily have this photo removed from Pixdaus should Ms. Katz request it. However, when somebody calling himself Henker, writes comments like this, I can only wonder who he actually, what his motives are, and why he made the comments. It is my opinion that all of the comments by Henker and Henker II, made yesterday plus those made today, claiming to be by Chris Brooke, were all made by the same individual.
2010-11-04 10:40:57
In any human group, from the most lofty aristocracy to socities of thieves, the most despised and universally contemptible person is and has always been the snitch, the tattle tale, the rat fink.
2010-11-04 10:36:16
If you find this stolen photo shouldn't be here, send a removal note to . Chris Ingham Brooke will soon delete this copyrighted photo