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2009-12-02 21:53:40
Lake Resia (Italian: Lago di Resia, German: Reschensee) or Lake Reschen is an artificial lake located in the western portion of the Italian province of Bolzano-Bozen, near the Resia Pass and 2 km from the Austrian border. With its capacity of 120 million cubic meters it is the largest lake in the province. It is fed by the Adige, Rojenbach and Karlinbach and drained by the Adige.The top of the 14th-century church tower, now an apparent campanile, is still visible. In winter, when the lake freezes, the campanile is reachable by foot. A legend says that during the winter one can still hear church bells ring (in reality the bells were removed from the tower on July 18, 1950, a week before the demolition of the church and the creation of the lake). @Wikipedia