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Old Comments:

2010-03-20 04:31:33
You've made some valid points Sourdough Sam. Some premium users are downvoting photos a lot. I also have seen my photos go down by 3s; and I also think that there is a clique that vote for each others matter the quality. Also, 99.9% of photos posted on Pixdaus are not from the photographers; we all know that. Digital technology has created a whole new world for photography. The image can be manipulated in so many different ways - such that you could not compare the original subject with the photo. Y2K and The Nome are both insensitive clods. It's people like Sourdough Sam who are clearly showing what is really wrong with this site. Unless Pixdaus pays attention, this site will continue to invite trolls and unfair manipulation of the votes. I'm very sorry that you will not continue posting on Pixdaus.
2010-03-19 21:06:52
If you leave you'll just re-inforce the image they have of Alaskans in the Lower 48 due to ex-Governor Palin.. people who cut and run when things don't work out quite like they hoped.
2010-03-19 19:47:33
@sourdough sam: STOP CRYING!!! (And shove off!)
2010-03-19 19:11:36
I hope you'll find a better place where people will more appreciate your pictures and the effort . And thx for the blanket toss story. I will never forget that story because that changed my point of view on customs of other cultures.