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Old Comments:

2008-09-02 06:10:46
At least you didn't wish me a short cancer. How sad of you to sit alone and wish ill upon others, roughRider! I pray that whatever deity in which YOU believe can forgive you, as I have done. By the way, everything that lives, dies, and most die alone; I have no fear of dying. I wish you peace and love, rR.
2008-09-02 05:55:44
Fears and die alone.
2008-09-02 05:15:27
I wish you a long cancer !
2008-09-02 05:11:55
I am so glad I gave that stuff up. Every time I see one of these pics it reminds me how much money, time and life I DON'T waste any more slowly killing myself.
2008-09-02 00:59:13
...sorry to hear about your friend, Patito. It's a mystery why we abuse our bodies with all kinds of harmful stuff... we know better, but do it, anyway. I'm sure your friend is going to leave a good footprint on the earth, though, that's all that matters. Tell him that an igloo-dwelling stranger of the north is praying for him; all good thoughts have a power to heal..
2008-09-02 00:37:24
One of my best ol runnin' around, beer drinkin' buddies from back in high school, a tough hombre who was a bull rider and a deputy sheriff, the kinda guy who could whip his weight in wildcats, just had most of his left lung removed last week. Been smokin' since he was about 15 years old. He's just 66 and should have a lot of life left to live, but he's in pretty bad shape right now. He may make it, but he's in a lot of pain and it's breaking him down. If you don't smoke don't start. If you do smoke quit before it kills you.