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Description:I agree that Bob 21 has nothing to do with patito/porky/bobby jo/et al. There is no doubt but what Bob 21 is actually Bob Spencer of Springfield, Oregon USA. Bob also has a girlfriend, Cindy Sinclair, that also lives in Springfield, Oregon and extensively supports his uploads as well as sometimes contributing a few of her own as 'Cindy'. Bob 21 is apparently new to Pixdaus just in the last year while patito (and his various aliases) have been around for well over five years. Patito is devious and should be banned. The merits of Bob 21 have yet to be determined. Like patito he seems more concerned with his own agenda rather than the best interest of Pixdaus. However, he does upload some nice images and does not seem to interfere with others. He does need to be more selective, however, and not upload so many photos every day. Rather than treat patito as a role model, he should treat him as a model to be avoided.