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Old Comments:

2008-09-14 19:37:05
Easy on the eye is nice, I like easy on the eye pics. I attempt to make pics as easy on the eye as my limited pshop experience will permit. I would have toned the intensity down a little among other things. I like reading critiques that point out problems, I look at it as free advice! Keep'em coming!
2008-09-14 16:32:27
I kinda like it, too! I have nothing against manipulations if the end result is pleasing to the eye. I was just imitating (poorly, I admit) Popolov who has on occasion analysed pictures with the aim to prove that they're fake. No doubt Popolov will appear soon and call me names again... ;-)
2008-09-14 10:58:06
I kinda like it in spite of it's problems, it's interesting, which is more than can be said for some of the stuff I've posted:)
2008-09-12 22:13:09
They are 'standard' birds that you can paste on anywhere. The light (which should only be available from the rising/setting sun) hits the birds and the rocks on left of the picture from the left, and the light on the rocks on the right comes from the left side. Three light sources (at least; one appears to come from the front as well). Hardly possible under natural lighting conditions, would you not agree? As you ask: Why no reflections? They should be ALL OVER THE PLACE! ;-) Hey, Popolov, How am I doing?
2008-09-12 21:53:53
Why don't the birds have reflections? Are they vampire birds?
2008-09-12 17:56:20
unreal light =) who the stupid make this ?