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Old Comments:

2009-11-08 05:54:08
Yeah Poppy, after I´ve posted it I realized they were creatures from the Gerenuk planet...and sorry for missing this one in your folder :-(
2009-11-07 15:28:27
2009-11-07 15:10:30
There is a difference between these two shows the name of the photographer on the photo...this one does not. So, technically, it's not the same photo ;-)
2009-11-07 14:12:03
They are not deer, they are antelopes: Gerenuk (Litocranius walleri), also known as the Waller's Gazelle. The word Gerenuk comes from the Somali language, meaning “giraffe-necked”, and leads to another common name, the Giraffe-necked Antelope.