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Old Comments:

2008-05-25 11:42:58
Calatrava is simply amazing. He makes everyone else look like a hack.
2008-01-24 21:42:02
it´s not true , i live in front of it, u can see as it is, the water is the secret of the photo.. and this is not the best part of ciudad de las ciencias...
2008-01-22 08:22:59
??? que me dices...
2008-01-22 08:18:31
Its fake, i live in Valencia and in this place you cannot see the stars by the city lights :(
2008-01-22 06:10:15
Great, incredible!!! Impresionante!!!
2008-01-21 19:55:16
Yeah, it's the City of Arts & Sciences in Valencia, Spain. By Santiago Calatrava. He's my favourite architect, check his other stuff out.
2008-01-21 19:30:53
Absolutely beautiful. Anyone know where this is?