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Posted By:justaguy

Old Comments:

2009-10-11 21:22:36
Whether it's a good photo or not is debatable,'s not terribly bad, but it isn't all that great, either....I didn't vote for it, but I didn't vote against it fact, I rarely vote against a photo unless it's really, really bad or patently offensive..but there are some folks out there who get a feeling of empowerment from punching that minus button..most of 'em are kids who don't have much control or authority in their ordinary lives...but here they can Be Somebody and shoot down photographs like in some kind of video game...of course, some photos need to be voted down...all kinds of crap gets posted here..but I've seen photos by Russell Lee, and Henri Lartigue get voted down, so it clearly isn't always a matter of quality...Don't Give Up ! Stand Your Ground ! Hold That Line ! Remember The Alamo !
2009-10-11 14:30:45
once this photo gets voted down enough that I & no others can see it, I'll stop visiting this site. I understand some folks may not like frogs... but this IS a good photo. I posted it 5 minutes ago & already it's got -5 votes. `Waste of time adding pics here IMO.