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Posted By:referee

Old Comments:

2010-01-01 02:58:18
Over&out 4 this year! :)
2010-01-01 02:52:48
So I wrote your comment and I upload this pic.... You are really not the brightest, my friend! Let's hope you'll do it better in 2010!
2010-01-01 02:45:20
of course, because YOU wrote it BEFORE I registered the name! get yourself certified, pal.
2010-01-01 02:38:44
btw. YOU wrote the "Yes you are right" comment! When I click on your name, I arrive at your file.
2010-01-01 02:30:18
you ARE simple as well as stupid petey! this is a troll pic, you idiot! why should I upload such a pic which offend me by myself? I only hit patito with my comments! and suddenly this pic was uploaded! so think, you stupid moron!
2010-01-01 02:29:21
Don't tell me that I'm only one who noticed it!
2010-01-01 02:15:20
the above comment "YOU uploaded..." is for referee
2010-01-01 02:13:12
YOU uploaded this pic, not patito. When I click on your name, this picture is in your file. Btw, the "Yes you are right! patito behave like a stupid troll! No question about that! Sorry!" comment is not written by me.
2010-01-01 02:06:19
Why no one talk about hired mercenaries by the side of angry photographers, who have only one mission and that is to destroy this site? Or did you miss that little thing?
2010-01-01 01:25:31
Yes you are right! patito behave like a stupid troll! No question about that! Sorry!
2010-01-01 01:04:44
sorry, my little simple friend, but upvoting troll pics and gave own pictures a push of 20 or even 40 votes are nothing?? or is it just a trivial offence because it was PATITO??? are YOU simple as well as stupid? you wrote your comment under a troll pic uploaded by PATITO! don't forget that!
2010-01-01 00:57:50
WHY? WHY? WHY? are you still babbling on about patito when you should be going after the REAL cheaters like ultrasonic, myndflame and mirror29? Are you blind as well as simple?
2009-12-31 23:56:29
said the next new one-comment-fan! yes I DO believe that a little wanker like you and patito are the same person! and everyone in the whole world is sick of patito and his behaviour here! why gave patito his top 5 pics a upvote of 40 (!) votes? why is he uploading a troll pic like this? HE disturb the peace on pixdaus with that! for ONE WEEK nothing like this happened on pixdaus but he has to began with his upvoting, his troll pics and his invented "fans"! WHY? WHY? WHY?
2009-12-31 23:47:05
Oh for crying out loud, GROW UP ! You think everyone in the whole world who is sick of you is Patito? Get a clue, man ! Your obsession with him is pathological and you're the biggest joke on Pixdaus.
2009-12-31 23:40:14
that is your reaction patito? uploading troll pics and using never seen before one-comment-fans again and again and again? it was a better time on pixdaus when you were in your holidays patito!!! no 20 vote upvotings, no troll pics and no suddenly appearing one-comment-fans! but at the moment you came back all this happened again!
2009-12-31 23:35:00
use your own name patito and don't use these one-comment-fans!
2009-12-31 23:29:13
Absolutely true! It's been rather peaceful around here without your constant whimpering and destructive, negative comments. . Why don't you go back on holiday ? Permanently?
2009-12-31 23:24:09
Oh, shut up your boring drivel, you childish petulant fool. No one cares but you.
2009-12-31 22:55:01
patito not only upvoting his own pics yet, he also uploading his troll pics again! THANKS FOR THE PEACEFUL HOLIDAYS, patito!!!