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Old Comments:

2011-03-14 08:01:49
The photographer did not say what type of butterfly it is, and its very unfair to expect Coy to know. The photographer says the pic was taken at the Frederik Meijer Gardens, that's in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You must really like the photographer's pics COY - its your 30th download of his work :)
2011-03-13 22:28:10
Coy was not presented as "the model example." If you'd really been paying attention instead you'd have noticed that Coy was slandered by Sasoli/Valeris for posting wallpaper, and some came to his defense by pointing out that perhaps some of his pics are wallpaper, but that he almost always tries to give some sort of attribution, at least as much info as he has at hand, compared to Sasoli and some others who provide zero information and no tags. I suggest you get your own facts right.
2011-03-13 18:16:45
It is interesting that Coy, has been the subject of recent scrutiny regarding his posts, as if he were the model example. I have no problem with any of Coy's posts, but he could have done better with this one. Red, White and Blue Butterfly, might be alright for a caption, but had he made the slightest attempt to identify it he would have come up with Heliconius erato. The photo was undoubtedly taken in a 'butterfly house' in the United States, the home of the 'red, white and blue', however in the wild it is found only in the tropical areas of South America.