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Old Comments:

2010-12-23 03:16:03
2010-12-23 00:33:18
It's like hidden pictures
2010-12-23 00:21:06
Me and Honeybun got to drinkin eggnog after dinner yesterday and we counted 16 redbirds, 7 bluejays, 4 bobwhite, 2 grackles and a jackalope.
2010-12-22 12:41:35
I now see 4 bluejays...and I have not consumed any alcohol COY ;-)
2010-12-22 12:34:19
I think you're right Coy, about luna winning the race, and I think if that happens, the person with the next highest vote would be the winner, which would be Robot, and if luna is around she/he can pass it on to Robot, or if not, maybe Robot will read this and pick a theme and a date.
2010-12-22 09:37:17
Yes ! Great winter bird of the best in a while. Can feel it..hear it .
2010-12-22 06:48:35
...and I had forgotten to vote ;-)
2010-12-22 06:47:32
I forgot to comment on this photo COY. This is one of the most beautiful photo I've seen of birds in a tree. I count 11 male cardinals, three females (what a pathetic harem!), 2 or maybe three bluejays.
2010-12-22 06:41:58
Thank you skip. I have seen 3 or 4 at one time here in southern Indiana, but never this many before. We use to have a lot of the little Bluebirds here, but I do not know what happened to them. Rarely see one anymore. Cardinals and those small Bluebirds are really pretty in the snow. By the way skip, it looks to me as if luna won the "Mondays" race. Won His/Her own race.That is two in a row for Luna. I could be worng, but I do believe that the Bear got the most votes with 73 and that Robot came in second with 60 votes on the Grey cat with the wonderful gold eyes. Let me know if you agree with me and if I am correct then Luna should get to nominate the next person to pick the next race....
2010-12-21 09:35:45
Wonderful pic Coy, I always like cardinals in winter, and this one's beautiful!