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2010-04-22 17:28:37
So far, I've seen 2 good reposted photos of yours working well. The others are still a no show... :(
2010-04-22 17:24:50
Yes RU, your reloads are working now :-)
2010-04-22 17:14:34
Thanks PictureGirl, but I still don't know if my reposted photos have solved the problem or not. Let me know.....
2010-04-22 17:04:44
No worries, Ru. You didn't mean for that to happen. And it can happen to any of us as well...
2010-04-22 17:03:07
Sorry everyone, I am trying to reload the photos, however, they show, on my computer, both before and after the reload. I need somebody to tell me if the reloads are working OK.
2010-04-22 17:00:16
I don't have that problem, Jujuba. I have a little box inside of where the photo should be, but that's all...
2010-04-22 16:55:53
Im seeing 'x' where rus pics are supposed to be and Im seeing some photos on the side too :-|
2010-04-22 16:26:47
No, i am seeing them in the normal position. Are you having problems with that, Connie ? Sorry about that.
2010-04-22 16:24:03
I meant photos
2010-04-22 16:23:46
Are you also seeing photo to the right? I think Pixdaus is working on the site.
2010-04-22 16:02:22
Yes Connie. I am having that problem too... :(
2010-04-22 15:28:43
You posted nine photos, but I can't see any of them; there is only a red x in place of a photo. Anyone else having that problem?