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Old Comments:

2009-03-26 06:45:08
Being able to come north and make some money has been a safety relief valve for the Mexican economy for decades..the average wage there is less than a fourth of US wages, and un-employment is high..if we were to actually seal the border and send all the illegals back home Mexico, which has always been a politically volatile country, might explode into yet another round of bloody revolutions, and we could wind up with someone like Chavez, Morelos or Fidel Castro on our southern border....the fact is, they need us and we need them..
2009-03-26 06:33:01
What you are then said about the US border having the problems I understand. I'm sure it is no joke if you live there. Their government should be purposeful in stopping it, not just to pretend.
2009-03-26 06:20:27
There's about 2,000 miles of border between the US and Mexico..a few years ago out around San Diego they decided to start building a fence along 14 miles of that border..estimated it would cost about $14 million to do it...the first 11 miles wound up actually costing around $42 '05 the Dept. of Homeland Security approved another $35 million to complete the final 3.5 miles of the San Diego fence....fencing the whole border is a big joke and everybody who lives anywhere near the border knows's all about the government being able to say they're trying to fix the problem..
2009-03-26 05:48:21
Here's the full description: "A recently constructed section of the controversial US-Mexico border fence expansion project crosses previously pristine desert sands at sunrise on March 14, 2009 between Yuma, Arizona and Calexico, California. The new barrier between the US and Mexico stands 15 feet tall and sits on top of the sand so it can lifted by a machine and repositioned whenever the migrating desert dunes begin to bury it. The almost seven miles of floating fence cost about $6 million per mile to build. (David McNew/Getty Images)"
2009-03-26 05:24:42
It's a good question. Because it's too expensive? The wording isn't mine; see the link above.
2009-03-26 04:54:23
Why is the fence controversial? As far as I have read the Americans have had a problem with people from Mexico coming into their country illegally, placing a drain on the job market and social programs. This fence, it seems, may put a stop to some of it. It seems much nicer than what the Mexicans do to the stream of illegal immigrants entering Mexico from Guatamala. I understand that the Mexican army is posted down there and have been known to beat, extort, or shoot their illegal immigrants regularly. That can't happen in the US. The border guards there are too well behaved. It is a much more civilized and lawful country.
2009-03-26 03:26:45
It's actually quite large: Can't tell what it's made out of though, metal or concrete or both?
2009-03-26 03:03:44
Is that made of wooden sticks? Looks like they could walk up one side of the ramp, hop over, and stroll down the other side. Seems like a flimsy design.
2009-03-26 02:53:20
About as expensive though, I gather?
2009-03-26 02:45:41
Sure ain't no Great Wall.