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Old Comments:

2009-05-03 03:18:32
Cohise thinks only one thing potato: Potato, take your pills and return to bed. And what I have told to your friend German is also valid for you, potato, First, learn to read etc., or at least try, after that we may see … And also, still from here I can see your face, still green of envy …, Hahahaa
2009-05-03 03:15:24
MAYBE, I’m drunk, but tomorrow I will be sober. But you are a dung-beetle and tomorrow you will still be a dung-beetle. By the way, how can you speak about “to understand it”, when you CAN’T READ yet, so, before you criticize, learn to read. NB: if other people won’t remark, it is comprehensible, there is a great chance they aren’t interested, and they don’t also criticize, nor prejudice. Still from here I can see your face, still green of envy …, Hahahaa
2009-05-02 07:08:47
Cohise has clearly misunderstood the main thrust of Fest's argument, which was that Hitler's rise to power was not the result of the economic situation in post-WW I Germany, but was rather based on his exploitation of the German people's fear of Bolshevism and of modernization. Cohise's thinking is apparently as muddled and incoherent as his prose.
2009-05-02 05:58:50
Cohise, go to bed. You are drunk! "Hitler wasn’t a right- but well a left politician." If you really read the book of Joachim Fest then it is not enough just to READ them. You have to UNDERSTAND them! Your comments are the biggest bullshit I ever read in my life...
2009-05-02 04:03:31
According Joachim Fest, a German historian and writer of the work “Inside Hitler's Bunker: The Last Days of the Third Reich” amongst others (see also “Der Untergang”), Hitler wasn’t a right- but well a left politician. NB: this is only a remark, nothing else more (aiaiai, oei).
2009-05-02 02:47:45
Precisely correct..back in the 1930's Sinclair Lewis, the Nobel-winning author of literary classics such as Our Town, Babbitt, and Elmer Gantry, observed that if fascism comes to America it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a Bible.
2009-05-02 02:01:09
Idiots. Learn your history. Hitler was an far right-wing Ultra-Conservative...not a Liberal. Just like Bush, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, etc.
2009-01-07 07:56:07
Of course..they had the best stuff..pure pharmaceutical quality and un-cut with meth like so much of the stuff you get nowdays. :p
2009-01-07 07:39:07
Forgive us patio. Most of us weren't around for the great wars. I see also that he got to sample some LSD via the CIA too.
2009-01-07 06:59:23
Liberals at Life Magazine? Life was a creation of Henry Luce, a staunch conservative and a highly influential member of the Republican party, who maintained editorial control of ALL his magazines until the 1960's. To suggest Life's editorial policies were liberal is simply ludicrous. You guys are entitled to your own opinions, but you aren't entitled to your own facts.
2009-01-07 06:39:50
Great pic A B.
2009-01-06 12:58:21
You got that right. The site I got this pic from had over 100 glorifying type pics.
2009-01-06 12:49:47
The good little liberals at Life never saw it coming.