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Old Comments:

2010-12-24 04:34:11
I agree with you pizzaman. For a glorious pizza you need first class ingredients and a good chef who love his/her job. Today we live in a global village and you can find almost all over the word a appropriate ingredients and it's just a matter of chance or luck that you find a the right man/woman for the preparation of pizza.
2010-12-24 03:52:28
Let's be reasonable here, people. Sure, you might get some great pizza in Tokyo, you might get some terrific sushi in Omaha, you might get some wonderful Mexican Food in Toronto, and you might get some splendid barbecue in Glasgow. But what are the odds, huh ? We're talking probability here, right ? You're in Dumpsville, Ohio, so what are the chances you're going to walk into a pizza joint and get some fine pie ? Slim to none, and Slim just took the last bus outa town. So you're in New York City, and what are the chances you're gonna walk into a pizza joint and get some fine pie ? Better than anywhere else in the freakin' world, that's what ! And Chicago ? Don't make me laugh . You got a better chance of getting a great pizza back in Dumpsville, Ohio !
2010-12-24 02:28:02
Here and there, almost all over the world, you can stumble upon a glorious pizza. I've had some bad pizzas in NY and some great ones in my own kitchen - what does that prove? It's all a matter of chance or luck.
2010-12-24 02:06:32
Ridciulous. Maybe in Naples they make some decent pizza, but most Italian pizza sucks, and nothing nowhere compares to New York pizza and certainly not Chicago, where most pizza is made by Bulgarians and Albanians. New York City is the World Capitol of Pizza. Period.
2010-12-24 01:45:46
you want pizza, come to italy!
2010-12-24 01:03:41
You call that a pizza ? That looks like some kind of cheese and tomato casserole. People in Chicago don't even know what pizza is . You want pizza, come to New York !