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Posted By:kev

Old Comments:

2009-06-19 16:37:16
No problem Kev. I was more or less hassling addi with his/her snotty comment.
2009-06-19 16:07:32
thanks for the info guys much appreciated,however ive done a little bit of research and the only details i can find are that the pic was taken in 1945 at pearl harbour navy yard,hawaii
2009-06-17 16:11:02
This is a very interesting photo. Besides Corsairs, there are a lot of Helldivers (distinctive tail) and several of the planes they replaced, the venerable old SBD Dauntless. At the top of the photo are a couple of Mustangs, and there also several rows of Hellcats. Notice the several different wing folding methods. This isn't the delivery line at Grumman, because of the many Corsairs, and it isn't pre-war because of the Helldivers and Hellcats. I think in the center of the photo there may be a couple of Avengers mixed in with the Hellcats. Cool pic!! Thanks...
2009-06-16 11:35:11
What? You got no imagination. No knowledge of history past last Christmas. They look like WWII Corsairs ready to be loaded onto some carrier flight decks. Or maybe this is the end of the assembly line where they made them. Or this is after the war was over and these were extras. How about?..........Or this is pre-Pearl Harbor and the planes are all lined up for easy pickens from the enemy? Wait I don't think the Corsair was around pre-war. ....GOOGLEING....GOOGLEING.... Okay the navy ordered 584 of them in June '41 so it's possible this is the first shipment. See lots of possibilities. But nothing definite. I guess more info. from the poster of this pic. would have been better if I worried about those things. But I'm gonna stick to my imaginary ideas for now. ;-)
2009-06-16 02:40:23
This could have been so much more interesting with a bit of circumstance/detail provided.