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Old Comments:

2009-04-20 07:32:10
Claudia Romero Have you ever thought of having copies of your 'Reading Buddy' series put in libraries...far and wide as possible. It might be an encouragement for kids in the libraries to take out some books to read at home. I notice too many of them are hanging around computers.
2009-04-20 07:16:49
Hello Emily, my name is Claudia Romero, I noticed you uploaded a picture of mine from the "Reading Buddy" series. I appreciate the fact that you left my name, but honestly don't think it's right to do such a thing without at least requesting the author's permission. I would appreciate it if you would remove it. Thanks, Claudia Romero
2009-02-21 07:20:31
That's an adorable photo!
2009-02-21 06:28:27
Boaster. There isnít just anything in that book. Itís just show, show, show.