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Old Comments:

2009-05-25 10:17:02
Yea it does seem as its moving
2008-10-04 01:50:33
look at the bottom left corner, then move your eyes up to the top right. go back and forth slowly and the words will appear to wave
2008-05-09 23:43:58
it seems likethe text is waving. Just dont focus on the words
2008-05-08 00:34:23
Who's "u"? Some Chinese character? I didnt know "u" could drive. Shouldn't it be "when u drinks and drives"?
2008-05-05 04:00:18
It can get voted down because it is nothing more than stupid spam. It does not even have a message unless the message is 'someone will put a stupid sign up if you drink and drive' not to mention the idiocy of 'u' in place of 'you'
2008-05-04 22:09:56
i agree, dirnk and driving is one of the most stupid thinks u can possibly do. very good picture. btw have guys seen UK dont drink and drive campaign? with that accidents in pub, and little hit by a car? that was much more moving:) anyway, good pic. will forward it on facebook:)
2008-04-18 13:58:35
I can personally attest that when I drink and drive, this doesn't happen to me.
2008-04-17 22:15:15
you made me giggle
2008-04-17 05:58:24
Hi, Pk
2008-04-17 05:28:13
i am drunk.....right now... but I can read it very well...... *FAIL*
2008-04-17 04:00:39
how can something like this gets voted down?.. its genuine and great.. damn you photography purists!
2008-04-17 03:43:43
Try not to focus on the words, just look at it vaguely and let your eyes move about, it gives the illusion (slightly) that the words are moving a little.
2008-04-17 03:19:23
agreed.. doesn't seem to do anything to me really.. i think in person the shading pops more causing your eyes to cross and get messed up on which line you're on..
2008-04-17 02:18:18
I realize the shading is all messed up, but otherwise I don't get it :(