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Posted By:ProudCanadian

Old Comments:

2009-09-13 17:06:57
I can see you've been to Ireland, too, Fuzzy... this is very funny!
2009-09-13 03:48:24
2009-09-13 02:08:06
Bravo !!!!! Bravisimo !!!!!!! Standing Ovation, FBO !!!
2009-09-13 01:24:44
This is the Malus sieversii or wild apple native to asia - No longer used in breeding apples for market due to their fierce temperament and unpredictable nature - The Malus domesticus is preferred for the home gardener. Though rare and endangered some of their genetics still show in strains of tart apples which are sometimes said to have quite a bite.
2009-09-12 11:52:18