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Old Comments:

2011-11-12 22:35:31
Is Halex having us on?
2010-07-23 03:40:41
BB writes in a mixture of German, Mexican/Spanish and Shakespear English. I love it!
2010-07-23 01:09:59
Ja, Ole..that is correct. I too while climbing in the high mountains have many times seen the little snow mousies as they scurry from hither to yon. They are most cute, however, they have one behavioral characteristic that is most annoying, and that is on the nights of the full moon they sit beside their burrows and howl. Imagine trying to get a night's sleep while the shrill soprano howling of dozens, nay, hundreds of snow mice is echoing down the valleys ! I confess I have tossed stones at them more than once.
2010-07-22 23:56:10
I have many times seen these small animals in my travels in the mounatins of Tibet and Nepal. And there are others with which the average low-altitude person is not knowing also, such as the Nepalese Snow Rabbit, the Himalayan Snow Dog, and the very rare Tibetan Snow Possum.
2010-07-22 18:46:41
What about sharktopus? Really scary animal, look only if you are very brave!! Rare Wildlife Specie, I can't find no more info about it... ;)
2010-07-22 14:57:45
Pure logic tells us that it is nothing but a hoax! If there really were a species of mouse (or rat, lemming, vole, etc.) living at high elevations (or high latitudes for that matter) it would be quite small as compared to related species (rather than large) because it would have to compensate for a more limited food supply, and It would also have a very short tail (as compared to the long one in the drawing) in order to conserve heat. Long tails in mice and other rodents have, as one of their functions, the ability to cool down the animal by radiating heat.
2010-07-22 14:48:41
This is not even a photo, it is a drawing and to call it a snow mouse is a hoax, pure and simple!
2010-07-21 21:30:35
Edvard Gunderssen is a very famous Norwegian arctic explorer, mountain climber, bicycle racer and wildlife biologist whose area of specialization is rare, obscure and little-known animal species. He is also the current Scandanavian Chili-Cook Off champion. His Bergen Red Bean Belly Burner is considered the chili to beat in nearly all local competitions.
2010-07-21 17:23:23
I smell a rat here!
2010-07-21 17:18:50
I would agree that this must be a hoax, but it has been upvoted to +10.
2010-07-21 16:59:11
And, who the hell is Edvard Gunderssen? This name is also very suspicious. No previous photos uploaded, no comments, no votes. Curiously Edward Gunderson is the actual name of the cyclist that is better known as Lance Alworth.
2010-07-21 16:34:23
I somehow feel that this is a HOAX. Any other comments?