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Old Comments:

2010-08-15 04:08:26
Thanks for the info Entomologist :-)
2010-08-14 16:52:00
Chorthippus is a large genus of over 100 species, most of them rather common. Two of these species, C. parallelus and C. brunneus have rare pink colour forms such as shown in this photo. Both species are widespread and the pink form can occur throughout the range. The colour has nothing to do with diet as the insects have a diet of whatever green leaves and plants are available to them. Pinkish individuals are actually a lot more common in the juvenile phases of the grasshoppers. Pink coloured full adults may be nothing more than juveniles that didn't lose the colour as they matured. There are also rare purple coloured grasshoppers that occur rarely as phases among Chorthippus grasshoppers.
2010-08-14 14:26:34
Oops, I mean, so that their predators find it hard to spot them. Not having much success with my words at the moment. Apologies for that... :(
2010-08-14 14:25:02
Isn't it all about camouflage so that their predators find it hard to find them ?
2010-08-14 14:21:05
I've seen a lot of photos where the birds or insect have very similar colours to what they eat. I wonder if there is a connection.
2010-08-14 12:26:11
Great pic!
2010-08-14 10:21:03
Just beautiful, Jujuba.... :)
2010-08-14 05:14:28
Stunning pic
2009-08-26 16:51:02
thanks :) isnīt it cute? :P
2009-08-26 15:44:35
Now that's an original!