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Old Comments:

2010-08-19 03:08:01
Among my friends is a saying : Drži se desne strane i hladovine! translated: Hold on to the right ( the right side of the street ) and shade! Never fail... :) I'm all day at the office with a climate so I rally don't know what's out there at the street of Zagreb. I could easily walk around with a long sleeves. I hope I won't get a hart attack when I get out. And that right now. CU Bok! PS: Uf, I have to explain you all meaning of a word "Bok" because Google translator will just full you with a impropriety word "Hy". Word "Bok" came from a old Austrian expression : "Mein Bokken", translated to regular German "Meinen Bogen" meaning "My bowl". And of course here in Croatia we have to make all shorter. So that we among ourselves use to say in last century just "Bokken". Today all that is left is "Bok". Translated : Bow. :) Like I said.. Bow!
2010-08-19 01:50:30
Thanks peasant..., very hot today 39-40C here..!
2010-08-19 00:59:57
Good one Danis! Like it a lot! Cool background , clear shoot, interesting capitation, got it all. 5+ for this upload