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Posted By:JackSparrow

Old Comments:

2011-02-18 23:06:38
Hello! My name is Gregor Pavunc, i come from Ljubljana, Slovenia and i have a question about the image of rain forest. I am writing about a trip where i did a night trip to a local hill and i would like to add the image to my local guide. Would you mind if i publish it? I can add your website or the author on the end of the book as a reference, if you want to... Please write at Thank you for your time!
2009-09-15 16:46:31
Thanks, Skip, Connie & Jack! The sun is shining in Finland, and I'm off to a great day... smiles all around. ;-)
2009-09-15 16:35:53
I sprinkled some magic dust on the pics too poppy, but I think those trolls were born ticked off Connie, by the way excellent pic jack!
2009-09-15 16:20:46
Here I am...the vote fairy. I will wave my magic wand again Poppy, but you have to promise me to stop ticking off the trolls and the jealous ones ;-)
2009-09-15 16:03:23
Thanks poppy, You've got a great set posted today , maybe that vote fairy will come around give ya some support. Before it's too late.
2009-09-15 15:53:34
Since my pics ain't gonna make today (again), I might as well continue to put other people's pics on the list (as per usual). - Lovely pic, Jack!