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Old Comments:

2010-08-07 10:12:14
Hi Coy, actually I've never heard of that particular kind of eucalyptus until this picture was posted here. Here is a link that will explain something about this tree.
2010-08-07 03:24:18
I have four photos of those trees - planning to include one or two in a theme I will be posting ;-) Those trees are awesome - you find them in Hawaii.
2010-08-07 03:13:43
It has that military pattern to it...very unique!
2010-08-07 02:53:54
P.G., I have seen Eucalyptus trees many, many times, but I had never heard of one called the "Rainbow". I lived in San Diego for 23 years. Then I decided to come back to good ole southern Indiana.
2010-08-07 00:04:59
Make that eucalyptus leaves... :)
2010-08-07 00:03:46
There are alot of these trees in California as well as Australia which is probably why the fires get so bad near them, due to the oil in the eucalyrtus leaves...
2010-08-06 23:39:10
Very nice Purerustic.Never heard of that tree. It is colorful..