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Posted By:Logan5

Old Comments:

2009-04-23 16:52:36
Right! It isn't. I guess the upvoter do it because of our comments... So, we shouldn't give him a platform anymore!
2009-04-23 16:50:28
It's the same way "Artemis" upvote her pics!
2009-04-23 16:23:54
Pixdaus does not read comments. Email them, if you want the pic removed. Anyway, it's not your fault that someone is manipulating the votes on this pic, is it?
2009-04-23 16:14:52
Dear Pixdaus, please remove this pic! It's all a load of nonsense when someone is able to manipulate the voting-system and playing with the votes here much to the chagrin of all other users!
2009-04-23 16:01:22
...and now 100 votes. One of my pics just got 50 votes in minutes!
2009-04-23 15:45:56
94 votes??? Are you crazy?? Stop playing with the voting system, please! Tonight you vote it down to fourtysomething and now you vote it up to over ninety! Why?
2009-04-23 14:03:32
Three hours ago this pic had 49 votes and was way down on the list but now it is at the top again with 76 votes. Who the hell is playing silly buggers with the votes?
2009-04-23 07:33:00
Dear Upvoter (and now Downvoter): Please stop your nighttime-downvoting at +30 votes. That would be nice ranking! Thank you! :)
2009-04-23 01:47:48
You're right! Let's rock! :) (To unknown: now you can downvote this comment as well...) ;)
2009-04-23 01:44:09
I implied nothing of the sort, merely wondered about the HUGE UPswing in votes when the trend is to have unusual DOWNswings. There's a first for everything, I guess. - Let's just rock with the pics, Logan!
2009-04-23 01:31:41
I hope you don't think that I vote it up?!? I hate cheating!!! I guess the upvoter will only cause trouble with that. (And it works cause all of my other todays pics were downvoted!)
2009-04-23 00:55:17
DOWNvoting is quite familiar to some of us, but this is the first time there has been an UPvoting of this magnitude.
2009-04-23 00:42:59
The voting system is a disaster! The same way sometimes a pic was downvoted from e.g. 90 to zero in a few minutes, now this pic was upvoted! But thanks for downvoting all of my other todays uploads...
2009-04-22 21:31:59
What? No more votes for two whole hours? Why stop at 82?
2009-04-22 20:12:30
The quickest rise in megavotes in the history of Pixdaus. Congratulations. Miracles do happen.
2009-04-22 19:02:43
vote stop.