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Old Comments:

2010-07-24 01:26:48
What has patito to do with this please? I upload this photo, not patito. Thank you.
2010-07-24 01:03:59
We all know that you try fool us, Patito. But if you are not Patito, you should turn more attention to the regularLY cheating and upvoting with 20 votes and not to the orthography of some users! You just flunked, Patito!
2010-07-23 22:19:24
'ScrupulousLY' is the correct form for an adverb in the present tense. Examples: The troll posts his comments 'rapidLY.' The troll adopts a new name 'regularLY.' The troll takes a bath 'infrequentLY.' By the way, your book report on "How Trolls make Fools of Themselves" is overdue. Remember that 5 points will be taken off your final grade for each day a report is late.
2010-07-23 21:45:35
20 votes at once! You really push your pics very scrupulous, Patito!