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Posted By:White Eagle

Old Comments:

2011-06-01 08:32:08
Dear Connie, I never made any fuss about your repost. I only mentioned my previous post after all of the comments above were already made. I am sorry about my repost of your frog mouse upload, but I in no way feel like a criminal because of it. Many many of my uploads have been reposted and it is something that I for the most part ignore and I do realize that I have been guilty of reposting myself on occasion.
2011-05-31 20:21:20
Dear troll I do not deny I reposted this photo. However, I did everything I could not to repost by doing a thorough search in TinEye and Pixdaus. See my comment above to duplicate (I forgot to add that I also did a search under 'boy', which showed a LOT of photos, and it did not show up. However, if you click 'boy' under the tag of this photo, the two uploads showup. But, then I would have needed to have the photo to click on the tag, wouldn't I? The two copies of this photo must have been uploaded during my 4+ month absence; otherwise I would have recognized that it had already been posted. The only thing I did not do is search under 'rain' because I saw there would be 100s of photos to go through. If you think I could have done more, please tell me what. Do a search yourself under Pixdaus. But, don't click under the tag because I did not have those photos in front of me when I did the search. I've not told anyone their upload was a duplicate UNLESS a very simple search would have shown it was. A perfect example is when Happy Jack recently uploaded the photo of the frog and mouse - which I had previously uploaded. A simple search under 'frog mouse' would have shown it was posted; my upload was the only photo on the only a few seconds search. There is a big difference between uploaders who make every effort not to post duplicates AND others who do not even bother to do a minimal search, like Happy Jack with the mouse/frog photo. Since my return this month, after an over four month absence, I've seen quite a few duplicates but said nothing, except the 'mouse/frog' as it was my upload. We cannot prevent duplicates entirely because some uploaders do not use the titles given by the photographers, the photographer's name, etc. I did not make a fuss about it - Happy Jack did. I just responded to his original complaint under the other photo. I am not ConniesRight, so I will not comment on your remark. I'm not sorry troll, because this duplication was not preventable.
2011-05-31 11:18:09
Sorry to disappoint you Connie, but I am not 'Duplicate'! I don't care if you or anyone else posted a picture again! But it would be nice if you can keep me out of your vendettas! THX!
2011-05-31 09:20:25
Dear Connie, you are the greatest accusant here when someone posted a duplicate. Now you was caught in the act by posting a duplicate. And now look how YOU make a fuss about it! It's very annoying! "you are the voice of reason here" - ridiculous! Just say "sorry" and the case is closed! Thank you.
2011-05-31 08:42:26
You are right Connie, it's only logical to assume that duplicate is indeed, WhiteEagle. I'm not so sure about Happy Jacks involvement in this, but once again Connie you are the voice of reason here.
2011-05-31 04:51:23
The "white eagle" post was the first for this image. Mine ... ... was 2nd (a repost) the Connie post was third.
2011-05-31 02:03:30
Dearest duplicate I did a search again at TinEye - nothing I did a search again at Pixdaus - nothing At Pixdaus, I searched under 'boy leaf', 'boy rain', 'raining' - nothing If I did a search under 'rain, at 100 photos per page, I would still have to look at 42 pages! So, the only way you knew how to find White Eagle's copy is that YOU ARE WHITE EAGLE. Case closed ;-)
2011-05-30 11:10:33
blah-blah-blah! Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. When you got no example for your duplicates: you complain. When you got an example for your duplicates: you complain. When others uploaded duplicates: you complain. When you uploaded duplicates: you make excuses. You make reposts. This picture is the proof. You make excuses.
2011-05-30 11:00:50
I have posted 82 photos since I came back. You've come after me twice. The first time, if I remember correctly, was to do with the location, but I could be wrong. And I'm Dupli-Connie! TinEye is very effective. I had a folder with all these photos when I came back, but not yet searched on TinEye nor Pixdaus. By searching with TinEye first, I had to delete nine photos. It saved me time from having to search on Pixdaus. It must have made you desperate and driven you insane searching frantically Pixdaus and TinEye to find something to criticize with the 82 photos I posted since my return. You're a pathetic creature seeking attention.
2011-05-30 10:09:45
Connie = uploading duplicates When you got no example for your duplicates: you complain. When you got an example for your duplicates: you complain. When others uploaded duplicates: you complain. When you uploaded duplicates: you make excuses. You should look to yourself!
2011-05-30 10:01:36
duplicate = poppy
2011-05-30 09:16:36
Connie: now you got an example for your reposts but you still complain! TinEye doesn't work! Stop your reposts Dupli-Connie.
2011-05-30 08:48:00
I did a search with - nothing showed up. I did a search with Pixdaus, searching under thetitle 'The Rain' and the location of the photo '' - nothing showed up. There was no photographer's name given, so a search could not be done under that. White Eagle has the caption 'Rain' and nothing else. It is not surprising that it did not show up. Get a life Troll Duplicate.
2011-05-30 08:12:20
see Connie?