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Old Comments:

2011-04-23 00:41:40
Single.. He-he-he :)
2008-03-27 08:59:47
And everyone's been worried that the dollar hasn't been very strong recently...
2008-03-27 05:11:26
Whoa, that's alot of tens! heh
2008-03-23 19:29:08
- no one died, and no one was injured. The two lokomotives were ready for the scrap heap, also 5 waggons.
2008-03-23 06:49:34
i bet the driver died
2008-03-23 00:16:46
hm I would expect bigger damage to locomotive in head to head train crash...
2008-03-22 19:34:57
it´s very impressing what kinetik energy can do..
2008-03-22 03:26:32
Do a front wheel stand on a motorbike if you feel lucky. With a freight train? No
2008-03-22 03:20:48
nope, theres $20,000 in tens right behind the train. look close.
2008-03-22 02:06:29
you mean 2000 tons.... great picture !