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Old Comments:

2008-07-02 05:18:45
this is one of the halls of the Temples Of Mankind, located in the Federation of Damanhur, in northern Italy. They have nothing to do with the Raelian movement.
2008-07-01 00:06:00
I fear you may misunderstand. I do not need information on the movement; I am already in structure. I am looking for information on this particular building because it does not look like a Raelian structure; there is no mention of it on any of these links that I am able to find.
2008-06-30 23:03:38
That's a lot of seminar brochures and books. Am I missing one with information about this temple? :)
2008-06-30 21:03:31
Are you certain that is Raelian? To my knowledge Raelians do not have temples. It also doesn't have any Raelian like symbols or theme to it, and seems above the meager budget of the Raelian movement. Do you have references about the location of this or other information? I'm interested to know more about it either way. It looks like a photo I saw of a temple someone had built underground for an unrelated small religion, but for the life of me I can't find the article I read before to confirm this.