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Old Comments:

2010-06-05 18:00:33
You downvote other people's comments multiple times, and upvote your own comments multiple times. What does that make you?
2010-06-05 08:51:24
There, there,'s all right..we understand that you can't help it, and we love you despite the terrible affliction with which fate has seen fit to burden you. I'll see you in a few weeks on visiting day.
2010-06-05 07:04:02
uargh... All your blah-blah-blah... YOU are just a liar who is upvoting his own (and his aliases, like "Montana" or here: "Wireless") pictures with 20 votes. That's all!
2010-06-05 06:50:34
Dear Pixdaus Friends: it's time for me to finally tell the truth about my relationship with Patitoisaliar. You see, he is actually my long-lost little brother, though I know that may be hard for some of you to believe. It was clear from the start that there was something different about little Burrito, as mother named him. For one thing, he never learned to walk, but ran about on all fours, and his body was covered with thick, dark, curly hair, including his face and hands. He howled at the moon in the night time, went around town sniffing bicycle seats, and could not be prevented from exposing himself to old ladies and from masturbating in public. Finally, after he was caught several times attempting to have sexual relations with the neighbors goats,sheep, milk cows and chickens, he was sent away to a special 'home' for people like him, where he remains to this day. From time to time he is able to slip into the office of one of the wardens or administrators and gain acces to the internet, where he enjoys looking at photos of naked midgets and posting annoying messages on photo websites. I realize that his behavior here is disturbing, but we should all try to be as understanding as possible and not be judgemental of him, since his condiiton is really not his fault. If you're reading this, Burrito, try to be a good boy and behave yourself, and I promise to bring you some peppermint candy the next time I come for a visit. We might even take you out for the afternoon and you can run in the park and chase the squirrels up trees, like you used to back home. Lest anyone doubt the veracity of this, I swear it is all more or less the gospel truth, so help me Willie Nelson.
2010-06-05 06:09:10
LOL! And another sudden 20 vote push for another patito alias!! Patito gave his pics 20 (or even 40) votes if he don't like the ranking!! If user don't like this pic doesn't matter! Patito will give them the "right" votes with his 20 vote power! patitroll= LIAR!!!!
2010-06-05 01:19:06
I am sure that he knows its Frank Sinatra.
2010-06-05 00:19:48
"Some kid"....!!! That's rich ! Surely someone will recognize this "kid" !