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Old Comments:

2008-03-18 15:44:15
you latino Schumi?
2008-03-18 09:42:43
Who the hell is this?
2008-03-05 21:12:40
Too white/pale. ;)
2008-03-05 20:08:25
damn shes flat chested
2008-03-05 17:03:20
Still believe in womens with "balloons". My fault, yes, I admit. And my pleasure too :-)
2008-03-05 00:52:29
Sure big breasts are nice, but ten years down the road they start sagging and you wish your woman was less endowed.
2008-03-05 00:24:49
'before' looks much better
2008-03-04 22:31:36
A real beauty such as Rachel, does not need overinflated balloons for breasts to show or express her beauty. In fact, a real beauty with smaller breasts is more beautiful than one with 'overindulgent' breasts, which detract from her natural loveliness. It is a question of aesthetics. You know the cliché: Small is beautiful. In the same vein large, or 'fat,' is ugly.
2008-03-04 21:48:16
i fell in love with her while watching "the notebook"
2008-03-04 21:07:02
yep.. the breats are gone with the wind :P
2008-03-04 20:32:46
Nice girl... but where are her boobs?
2008-03-04 20:30:35