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Old Comments:

2011-04-17 17:43:02
patito was not even on that page (bushbaby's ladybugs) till ademir said he will not take part in the race, and then patito urged us to ignore the trolls, after which the REAL trolls started attacking patito. he was not the one to start the trouble. it's people like you who never give up dishing out the crap, never allow us to have peace around here.
2011-04-17 17:11:35
No, they are doomed because of patito and his crude attempts to be funny. Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting, patito IS the #1 troll.
2011-04-17 17:06:47
who knows? it's up to picturedude again. see bushbaby's last comment at it seems the races are doomed because of all the troll crap on race pics
2011-04-17 16:10:12
And for next Wednesday ?
2011-01-10 23:05:58
Taz, check this... Yellow WEDNESDAY...
2011-01-07 17:19:49
The subject of the photos is wide open, as long as it features the color YELLOW. :)