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Old Comments:

2010-12-07 12:35:29
A perfect example of mispelling a word under caption ;-)
2010-12-07 12:28:53
I am not the photographer. You will have to contact Bajy at flickr.
2010-12-07 12:00:44
I have come across a photo titled “Race against the aurora borealis, Finland” and it fits the theme of a new laser product we are releasing next month. I would like to formally request permission to use this photo in the product brochure. We would give the photographer full recognition in writing, we would just need permission to do this. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Many thanks, Michael Vrooman
2010-05-15 16:08:12
JS - I just saw your comment. Sorry about the repost. Why are you no longer posting?
2010-05-15 05:02:00
Have you conveniently left yet Poppy? Don't you want to discuss further my "not practicing what you preach" comment?
2010-05-14 18:26:11
I did do two 'simple' searches: 1) Race against the aurora borealis (the caption) 2) Bajy (the photographer's name) Jack Sparrow's photo did not come up. I just now tried it again. It still did not show up. So, I just did the search under 'aurora borealis' and it did show up. The reason why it did not show up the first time, is because Jack mispelled a word under the caption - 'againts' instead of 'against'. He also had not included the photographer's name. Why do I think you are Poppy...or Patito? Oops...I forgot, Poppy just conveniently said (under my wolf's photo) she was going to be away, and wished us a happy springtime.
2010-05-14 17:37:08
Connie, a simple search on 'aurora borealis' would have found this picture. Not practicing what you preach?
2010-05-14 08:24:42
A bit larger version here but I did vote. up
2010-05-14 06:07:25
You been eating some bad mushroom or some bad B.C. Bud?
2010-05-14 05:40:48
Thats a UFO in the upper left!
2010-05-14 05:21:30
Sorry - it's borealis