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2009-11-20 00:07:03
"The Queen of the Night" is an old Babylonian carving (1800-1750 BC) From southern Iraq. The figure could be: 1) the Goddess Ishtar, Mesopotamian Goddess of sexual love and war, OR 2) Ishtar's sister and rival, the Goddess Ereshkigal who ruled over the Underworld, OR 3) The demoness Lilitu, known in the Bible as Lilith. Tests confirm that the 'Queen of the Night' relief was made between 1765 and 1845 BC. Location: The British Museum ( It's worth visiting!) I was alone but i spent more than six hours wondering around in its dazzling corridors and galleries. People don't waste all your time in Harrods and at the Laduree, spend some time here! ;)