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Old Comments:

2009-12-11 05:46:45
Thanks Connie
2009-12-11 05:39:23
I love your 'tree' them - and enjoyed your comments.
2009-12-11 03:49:52
WOW! 5+ Cool shot, great story! Can't see is this B/W or not! This post goes to my favorite! Tnx fuzzy!
2009-12-11 03:40:07
This is what was said about this pic Pando [wiki] or the Trembling Giant in Utah is actually a colony of a single Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) tree. All of the trees (technically, "stems") in this colony are genetically identical (meaning, they’re exact clones of one another). In fact, they are all a part of a single living organism with an enormous underground root system. Pando, which is Latin for "I Spread," is composed of about 47,000 stems spread throughout 107 acres of land. It estimated to weigh 6,600 tons, making it the heaviest known organism. Although the average age of the individual stems are 130 years, the entire organism is estimated to be about 80,000 years old!