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2010-07-07 20:49:14
Thanks for your answer, peasant :) Surely I am better : my cat chose to spent her night outside :) Have a good hot day :)
2010-07-07 18:29:27
No hard feeling lulu. I hope you are better now and that your cat manage to cure you! :)
2010-07-07 05:37:53
You know I was smiling when I wrote : How "zemaljski" you are ! It was both a glance/a joke "between" our two understandings of my cat's behaviour.and a glance/a joke to find a familiar word, with Google Translator, in Croatian. No more. Just to smile. And all that because you speak yourself about "a former life" for your own cat. And I went on "former llife". To joke. Like you, I think "cat have far more developed senses than humans". Probably many others animals. Most of them. And never I thought my cat was a medium in a former life ! And I don't know if there is "former life" for anyone/anybody... Hope you will have a good evening of summer ! :)
2010-07-07 03:24:20
Maybe, lulu, maybe I am low-brow... I always try to find the simplest solution. That don't mean that I don't admit that out there is a lot of stuff that I can't explain. Like why cats always like to sleep on the worst places ( bad energy places ) shown by those people with sinker that search for water. I do admit that cat have far more developed senses than humans. How much they have better senses and which one.. beats me if I know.
2010-07-07 03:20:31
I don´t know who Cat Man Do is Libellule - when I said 'Connie, glad you liked it', I was referring to the first comment on this page, which was Connie´s...
2010-07-07 02:55:39
Oh ! "CAT MAN DO". Please excuse ...
2010-07-07 02:53:58
Jujuba : Car Man Do/Kathmandu is Connie ?
2010-07-07 02:51:21
How "zemaljski" you are ! Maybe "mundane"/"low-brow" in English ;-) I dreamt of mediums, supernatural gifts ... and you are speaking of ... Often I hurt my lower back : when I am in my bed, prone, she comes and lies on me just at the "right" place I have the worst, where I suffer the most ... How do you explain it ?
2010-07-07 02:40:13
Cats will be cats :P Thanks for your stories guys and Connie, glad you liked it :-)
2010-07-07 00:11:39
Well, libellule, could be that you that day have contact with some other cat? So she smell it and find it irresistible?
2010-07-06 23:13:06
I have an old cat that can actually speak. I ask "George, do you want to eat later or do you want to eat now?" He answers "Neooooww !"
2010-07-06 23:12:21
And, mine, in a former life, a medium ?
2010-07-06 19:03:22
I got the same cat. If I sit he jumps on my shoulder and can sit there forever. Mast be a parrot in former life... :)
2010-07-06 09:07:30
In/on Pixdaus, we are, at least, three who/to have this type/kind of cat. Grey - "Chartreux" - with green eyes. Mine is able to do something like that ... : Last night, I "had concerns" ( = google translator ) : she slept all the night beside my head ... ( Most of time, because it is summer, she chooses to sleep outside ...). WHY ? Why these behaviours ?
2010-07-06 08:46:07
Very funny and cute!