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Old Comments:

2011-09-28 07:19:47
2011-07-02 01:51:22
Hello Mark, Many thanks for coming on here to comment. And I hope it was ok to post your great photo here on Pixdaus. The starfish is very beautiful and you took such a masterful photo of it. Many thanks for leaving the link too with all of the stats of the photo. That was very interesting. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Please take care... :) PictureGirl.. (Mary)..
2011-07-01 20:58:50
I am the real, original photographer of this real original photo. The starfish is 100% real and definitely those exact colors. I shot is using a Canon Powershow with an that proves it wasn't even heavily saturated. Check out the EXIF data if you don't believe me: Totally all real, gorgeous starfish. -Mark Walz, Jr.
2011-06-03 18:35:23
Yes, they do exist i just found "5" washed ashore on the beach in st. augustine yesterday
2010-12-18 18:04:41
I have managed to find some links that could answer your question, Save the Coral. I hope that they meet to your satisfaction. I think there is some control to a degree, but I don't think that man will ever get the perfect balance in the seas. Sad but true. Here are the links for you to read....
2010-12-18 17:15:30
I'm not too sure about that, Save the Coast. That is a very good question you ask. I will try to find an answer to your question and if I find any info about this, I will let you know....
2010-12-18 15:10:02
Doesn't your Australian government have a program to kill starfish in attempt to preserve your Australian Barrier Reef? Coral is life too, and far more important than starfish.
2010-12-18 08:09:20
These starfish are common on Vilano Beach in St. Augustine. Silly Zoologist.
2010-09-13 09:55:18
Thankyou also for your comments, Renee88. How wonderful for you that you got a chance to see this beautiful starfish up close. And I also appreciate you putting the starfish back into the water. It's so refreshing to see that some people have a high regard for life... :).
2010-09-13 01:25:50
My husband and I just saw a starfish exactly like this on St. Augustine Beach this past Thursday afternoon! It was beautiful. It washed up in the surf so we picked it up and put it back out in the water.
2010-09-12 11:08:31
Thankyou Tbaum101, I appreciate your comments. That must of been very interesting to see these starfish up close. And I really appreciate that you released them back into the water too. I can tell that you would be a really good parent. Many thanks again... :)
2010-09-12 10:50:56
Just wanted to let you know that the above pictured starfish is real. I know because I caught 5 or 6 of them last summer in the surf in St Augustine Florida. I released them after I showed them to my kids and taught them a lesson about respecting wildlife. So for all of you who just love to tell people how wrong they are. Look in the mirror.
2010-07-18 03:39:09
We saw this same starfish last weekend on a sandbar at low tide in Jacksonville, Florida.
2010-05-30 21:50:33
Perhaps this link will confirm and put an end to this discussion. There IS such a thing as an orange and purple starfish....
2010-05-30 19:12:49
There are purple starfish, Pisaster ochraceus for example. This species is found on the west coast of the US and Canada and frequently washes up on the beaches. It has several color forms and one of them is purple. It is a rather uniform color allover, however, and is not bi-colored as the example in PictureGirls upload. And, the purple is a lot duller. I have collected and catalogued starfish from Baja California all of the way north to Ketchican, Alaska and have never seen anything that is like the PictureGirl example. That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, but I have no idea where and it would have to be a color variation and not a species in it's own right.
2010-05-30 19:11:51
Also, please go to the link from where I found this photo. The photographer himself said that this starfish is real.....
2010-05-30 19:09:37
I'm sorry Zoologist, but I happen to disagree with you....
2010-05-30 19:06:05
Zoologist you are full of shit!
2010-05-30 18:43:32
PictureGirl, it is very easy to change and alter colours in any of these posts. See my latest post that show four different colour variations that were simply altered by using colour curves on an original image.
2010-05-30 18:03:09
And this also ?
2010-05-30 18:01:22
Then how do you explain this ?
2010-05-30 17:55:40
No starfish has these colours, this is artificially coloured!
2010-05-29 23:31:52