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Old Comments:

2008-05-17 06:35:31
Or just count the number of stars on the flag. OK epiphannyy: what's your point already? (as of I care...) :^/
2008-05-15 03:23:33
Now that you say that, it makes sense. That was the news caption with the photo, but I tend to agree with you both now that I look at the photo more closely (clothes, etc). Oh well...I'll have to pay closer attention from now on. Thanks for the correction :)
2008-05-14 23:19:19
BC is correct..definitely not the 40's, almost certainly the 60's...lots of young folks today have no idea how violently the movement for equal rights was resisted, especially by white southerners..which is what I am, by the way..
2008-05-14 19:27:42
That is not 1947. It is most likely the late 1960s - I was there then as one of those northern white-boy trouble-makers. I was too young and idealistic to know I was just a hair from being lynched myself. You can also tell from the clothing, and lastly the flag. That flag was not in use till after 1960 when Hawaii was admitted to the union.