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Old Comments:

2011-10-19 16:07:19
Charlie Justice, Good Start, Learn English, Just Needs Breakfast = Patito and his cry for attention! Picture upvoted by Patito with 20 cheater votes = Patitos cry for attention! Patito is an individual who enjoys creating conflict on Pixdaus. He creates and fuels arguments which upset other members of the Pixdaus community. Patito thrive in the anonymous space that is Pixdaus. He craves attention from others, and he doesn't care whether the attention is positive or negative. For Patito, other users are not quite real people; they are abstract characters on the other side of a computer screen. Patito doesn't feel bad about hurting the feelings of other people in the digital space. Patito view this site as a challenge where the winner is the user who creates the biggest argument, the user who upsets the most people in the most dramatic way. Patito wants to be the user getting the most attention. Patitos behavior discourages many users and makes for a less vibrant Pixdaus community. New users may not post because they fear ridicule. Established posters may leave the Pixdaus community because the noise has overwhelmed the real discussion. Patito can make an entire community paranoid, leading users to become negative or to accuse a user engaged in normal criticism as a troll. Remember, Patito feels rewarded by creating the biggest altercation possible. He wants to get a reaction out of you. When you fight with Patito, he wins. When you reason with Patito, he wins. Any time that you give Patito attention, he gets exactly what he wants. The best way to deal with Patito is to ignore him. When you ignore Patito, he doesn't get the satisfaction of creating an escalated conflict. If you decide to leave a discussion because of the negative tone, do not dramatically announce that you are leaving. While that message may make you feel better, it only convinces Patito that he is winning. HOW TO DEAL WITH PATITO: Ignore Patito! DON'T ANSWER HIM!! Don't vote for/against his pictures. Do not fall on his intrigues and deceptions (e.g. his many, many troll names) Simply IGNORE Patito! Don't let Patito destroy Pixdaus! Or you better write an email to:
2011-10-19 16:01:11
Learn English = Patito = the same old coward with just another troll name
2011-10-19 16:00:34
Aw, don't be so hard on the poor chump, LE. He probably lives in one of those countries where they just have toast and tea for breakfast. That might explain why he's such a pissy mood :)
2011-10-19 15:33:34
Dear Senior, if you'd learn to write the English language properly you wouldn't sound like such a babbling fool. Or then again, maybe you still would even if you used correct grammer :)
2011-10-19 15:27:41
oh shut up patito, you goddamn uber-troll! when this stupid pic is NO crap why you have to upvote it with your troll/cheater-votes then???
2011-10-19 14:50:58
Well, Just Go Away, maybe you oughta try to do something about that guy who's holding the pistol on you and forcing you against your will to look at these pics you don't like, instead of letting you just scroll on past them like most of us do with pics we don't care for. Maybe when he dozes off sometime you could get the gun away from him and throw it in the creek !
2011-10-19 05:02:49
Yes screw up with all these craps pics. Pixdaus is a serious business and is not made to upload all these crap pics of you. Use your own recycle bin. I bet that fellow has not even a own toilet. It is not worth the paper it is written on. Shit, what a shame.
2011-10-19 04:39:44
There is 'NO JUSTICE' patito, when we have to keep looking at this crap that you keep forcing on us. Do us a favour and find another web site to screw up, please.