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Old Comments:

2008-12-23 08:43:00
The gun collection belonged to Bruce E. Stern of Connecticut. He was a NRA Board member.
2008-12-23 08:29:00
I want them all!
2008-04-10 23:49:26
i'm fairly certain Heston was gay but he was definitely an asshole, thank God he's dead.
2008-04-10 22:52:12
If there are no firearms in heaven, I'm not so sure I want to go.
2008-04-10 18:41:46
I would love to have a 50 cal
2008-04-10 15:44:04
Because there's such a huge need for firearms in heaven...
2008-04-10 15:38:36
Am I in heaven?
2008-04-10 06:09:36
You do not want to break into that guys house.
2008-04-10 04:55:37
He doesn't just have firearms, he has a flame thrower and a a Japanese WWII knee mortar on the wall. And an indoor rife range!
2008-04-09 07:31:55
Must have belonged to Charlton Heston (RIP).
2008-04-09 05:56:11
2008-04-09 03:55:44
What a freak!!!
2008-04-09 03:34:41
Heh, I like the seating arrangement so that the strange people are comfortable sitting looking at the guns