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Posted By:Bing

Old Comments:

2009-01-05 14:17:57
Paris has indeed some of the rudest waiters I have ever encountered. People are so different there from e.g. the people in Brittany or the Rhone area. But I guess that is applicable to every country...
2009-01-05 10:28:58
There were not many Americans and Canadians in Paris this summer, but lots of Europeans. That's mostly due to the Euro. For every Euro I had to pay $1.45-$1.48. Also, the restaurants are very expensive; the Brasseries and Bistros are cheaper, but still fairly expensive, especially because of the Euro. You can get a great meal in the main department store - Lafayette, or get take-outs and some wine, and eat in a nice park, like Jardin de Luxembourg. As for the waiters, they don't need an excuse to insult - each other, tourists passing by, customers, cats, dogs. They didn't mess up with me because I would yell back in French - frightened the whole lot of them, I did ;-)
2009-01-05 08:27:31
Yes..Frence is so beautiful it's worth putting up with the French to see it..JUST KIDDING, mon amis Francasie...we did hear that because of the decline in travel abroad due to the economic troubles there've been so few tourists in some fancy Parisian restaurants that the waiters have had to resort to insulting each other...:p
2009-01-05 07:35:59
France, Beautifull country..., Paris, beautifull city.....